Customized data visualization

For complex KPI
and demanding clients
data visualization of any complexity
adaptation for different devises
solution not the task, not just beautiful pictures

When IT and business speak different languages

This is a service for demanding business customers or contractors who are working on a unique product with data visualization. For cases when usual BI solutions are not suitable.
Your competence is not enough for data visualization: your customer is dissatisfied
Designers do not take into account the technical features of the product, just draw beautiful pictures
The IT team requires a clear and complex technical task. They solve a technical problem, not a business one.

How do we solve problems

We speak with businessmen and IT specialists in their language.
We do not require a technical task but offer visualization options to select one.
Adapt for videowalls, mobile applications, and other devices.
We customize the product: for CEOs, managers, and investors.
We operate with databases and data of any complexity.
Receives a solution for his customer: visualization answers business questions. As well as instructions to deploy the product for technical specialists.
Receive documentation in a language they understand. As a result, you can focus on direct responsibilities, do not clarify the CEO's and manager's requirements.
Technical specialists
Receives not just a beautiful data visualization, but an IT product in the business language. Clear KPIs will help you in decision-making.
Top management

Steps to recive your sollution

Clarify business the requirements
We immerse in your data and develop several solutions to solve the problem. CEO at the Institute of Business Intelligence Alex Kolokolov personally interviews the project managers.
There are no technical terms in our questions — we are focused only on your business tasks. English-speaking clients are interviewed as well as Russian-speaking ones.
Prepare several solutions
We prepare several sketches of design templates for the project manager, we consider different scenarios for data-driven decision-making. We conduct interactive demo presentations to make you choose the best one.
Present the product in practice
Based on the approved layout, we are developing a demo version of the product for top management. We are preparing a presentation with detailed explanations of its functionality:
how indicators are filtered and switched;
how monthly, quarterly, and annual KPIs are displayed;
how detailing of indicator works;
how the product helps in business decision-making.
Develop IT documentation
We translate the business language into a technical one and prepare documentation for IT specialists. We give instructions to deploy an IT product into your system, to launch it on your devices, as well as to set up interactive elements, and interact with data sources.

Feedback of our clients

Cases: our products in top-companies

And also saved his attitude with business-client
How a contractor received an analytical tool for top-management
A contractor who won a tender for the digitalization system development for a large transport company applied for our consultation. The system had an analytical module aimed at highlighting the KPIs about the repair works or top management in real-time.

The contractor was not able to meet the customer's requirements: his employees presented a huge dataset that was useless for business users. He asked us to solve this problem.

We developed several design layouts, a dashboard for top management, and also prepared a presentation that explained the functionality and capabilities of each button on the dashboard.

Everyone was satisfied with the result, everyone got what they needed: the contractor completed the task and retained the contract with the client, and the customer received a convenient and understandable tool to analyze data.
And got the dashboard to manage the factory
How factory manager organized his reporting system
The factory manager had problems with accounting, and ask us for help. First of all, the preparation of the reports took a lot of time, and this impeded data-driven decision-making.

Secondly, all departments used different software. The finance department prepared reports in Excel, sales department- in PowerPoint, repair department- in Word, warehouse manager - in SAP. Moreover, all of them used different metrics.

To save the factory from these problems and make reporting clearer, we have developed a new monitoring system based on information from databases, KPIs and aggregated data - all rates entered into the system manually.

The developed system helped to reduce human errors and enhance reports' confidence. The factory top management received visualized reports from different departments in a united format, for example:
Production KPIs.
Shipment monitoring.
Finance rates.
Industrial safety.

Business + design + IT = your unique product

Designers and analysts with huge experience in your field are working on a unique visualization for your product. The processes are managed by Alex Kolokolov, CEO at the Institute of Business Intelligence. He is responsible for clear business understanding and developing technical documentation for IT specialists.
Solving your business task visualizations
Design templates that don't have to be redeveloped
An IT product deploying in your system
Order consultation to employ BI
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