for CEO

Get a management control system for small and medium-sized businesses for a month
a clear system of KPIs to manage your business
the visual and clear reporting system for business users, not for technical ones
a clear financial picture: revenues and expenditures of your business
Dashboard for CEO
Get a management control system for small and medium-sized businesses for a month

Quick reporting automatization

To see the KPIs on the dashboard, instead of instructed numbers and tables, we are building a new data mining system for you. We are correctly combining all data that already exists: in CRM, 1C, Excel, or Google tables.
For 1-3 months without investing in a long-time IT project, you will be able to get a dashboard with visualized answers to common questions:
Where is your company's money and what is the cash flow?
What is the difference between your revenue and real profit?
How is the plan being implemented?
All indicators can be managed in real-time. You won't have to waste your time connecting several reports manually.
We use what we have
All accounting systems you are using will be important: our business dashboard will be based on data unloading from them.
Prepare business to grow
You will continue working in Excel, but you will get a qualitatively new report. It will be ready to change structurally based on your company's development.

Clients' feedback

How we solve your problem

Most part of our is done by ourselves independently. We do not require a clear technical task, we do not ask questions about graphs and diagrams to use. You will only coordinate with us and make final decisions. We are responsible for all results and legal obligations to maintain the confidentiality of your data.
Proceed your data
We explore the input data you have. We develop a new system and give you tables templates to lay the groundwork for the future management reporting system. We undertake the solution of all technical issues.
Develop a KPI matrix
We highlight KPIs to monitor your business. You can see all the most important rates on the dashboard immediately, without additional performing pivot table and its analysis.
Provide options
Based on new data mining approaches and new KPIs, we design optimal dashboards layouts for your company. Also, we suggest the secondary metrics to you.
Develop a dashboard
Simple and clear, without cumbersome tables and complex terms. It answers business questions and gives information in the business language, not accounting. As well as helps you in decision making.
Consult and train
As a result, you will receive a product to control and manage your business. You don't have to hire new analysts to work with our dashboard, we can train your employees to do this.
Scale if necessary
You can use our solution right now. It can also be quickly changed and adapted to new conditions as your business grows. For example, to deploy unique reports for different departments, to enable each employee to see only "his" part of the data.

Business dashboard examples

The result you do not have to wait for

Don't invest in expensive IT solutions and scripts refinement. Don't order new dashboards, you can adapt our templates by yourself.
You save company budget
A tool that has already analyzed your data and showed the strengths and weaknesses of your business.
You get assistance to manage your business
You do not have to wait for analytical platforms deployment and a complete reporting system restructuring.
You receive result for 1–3 mounths
This service includes two approaches: analytical product development and management consulting. You pay for the result only. This is a key benefit of our approach to reporting system development for small and medium-sized businesses managers.

A free consultation about your dashboard

To find out how we can develop a business dashboard for you, complete this form and we will call you back:
Immerse in your task
Offer a solution
Plan further steps

This investment pays off in the first six months

Free you time for management. You will be able to control results from your computer as well as from any mobile application, any time. Visualization of indicators simplifies the report analysis and helps to manage your business.
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