Make Your Data Speak

Corporate training based on 10 years of experience in BI reporting

I provide totally immersive offline and ONLINE trainings
Your staff will start making useful reports and come up with solutions
I'll upgrade your management accounting system with no further investments in IT
Your employees will start speaking the business language

Get accurate reports on time

Rectify tools
Provide employees with advanced tools:

• They start using advanced data analysis and visualization techniques instead grubbing about in Excel 2007

• They create reports and presentations in one day, instead of spending weeks on aligning diagrams in slides

• They get efficient use of new tools, instead of making the same mistakes again and again
Change mindsets
Change their approach to data analysis:

• I teach employees to identify KPIs in big data, find insightful correlations and give answers based on facts

• Assess report from a CEO's point of view, not contractor

• Bring things forward without waiting for tasks to be assigned

Course Author and Trainer

I have been deploying corporate reporting systems and BI-systems
were developed for large-sized Russian businesses
were trained to enhance their professional skills
Author of the book "Dashboard for CEO"
CEO at Business Intelligence Institute
Alex Kolokolov
I have been integrating BI systems for 10 years. I lectured at Florida Atlantic University, USA, as part of the Fulbright Program and at Key West University as part of the MBA.

I am not just a business trainer, I am a practicing business analyst. I know business requirements for reporting. And I know how to comply with it.

My purpose is to teach analysts and managers to increase company profits with data analysis.

Individual training programs for your tools

MS Excel
Report templates configuration and automatic data updates.

Lifehacks, interactive tools & advanced visualization
Power BI

Making reports from multiple data sources without developer's help.

Shared access on the portal & mobile apps
MS PowerPoint
Working with text structure, visual accents, charts.

Our diagrams and slides templates speed up presentation preparation.

How is the corporate training going?

Offline: in your office
Alex Kolokolov and his assistant come to you and provides training personally.
Online: via ZOOM platform
Employees study at work or at home. We answer questions and analyze problems with each student individually.

Training Stages

I develop a unique training program for especially your company
1. Audit of your current reports
Preparatory work:
I issue a questionnaire and a test to determine the level of knowledge and skills of your employees.
After signing the NDA, I examine your reports and presentations, identify mistakes and correct them
Then I prepare practical training exercises based on your data. Purpose — solving your business tasks.
You receive a training program adapted to your tasks and tools. It may be focused on data processing, presentations design, BI-systems training or all those at once.
Duration: 2 weeks
2. Workshop
Introductory lecture (unlimited number of participants):
Practical part:
Infographics for business: visual communication best practices matching your industry.
Corporate reports types: differences in importance of data for CEO and for managers
Business dashboards: how to look at your data from CEO's point of view and
present them to increase business value.
Data visualization rules: common mistakes and how to correct them (based on your presentations).
Group work on report specification using the "Napkin Setting goals for further practice in mini-groups.
Duration: 3-4 hours
3. Practice based on your data
Duration: 1-3 days
The participants bring their own data: .xls tables, SAP reports or other data sources uploads. Further training stages are held under my supervision::
I hold training непрерывно or with an interval for a week with correspondence consultations. This is a computer practice for a group of 10 to 20 people.
Task detailing, layout development
Raw data collection and preparation
Creating a rough draft
Demonstration and refinement
Designing the final version
4. Demo session
An extra stage of "homework check-up" is possible after the demo session, in order to finalize the reports made by participants. The trainer evaluates the reports remotely and makes recommendations.
Duration: 1-3 days
Managers, the internal customers, are invited to the demo session. They provide feedback whether the report is valuable for decision-making value, and what needs to be improved.

What result do you expect after my training?

We will discuss and determine the several ways to solve your tasks, the stages of our work, and the expected results.
Immerse in the task
Develop a program
Suggest several options

Examples of reports after my training

I have trained more than 2,000 people from companies on Forbes list

Clients' feedback

Receive a program for your corporate training
Alex Kolokolov is checking the student's diagrams
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