Corporate reporting system

BI-analytics and data warehouse turnkey

KPI matrix for your business-tasks
clear business dashboards
integration with your accounting systems

Your report are still in Excel

You have already invested thousands of dollars in business-processes automatization, but you are still receiving reports as unstructured tables.
It is difficult to figure out where there is a problem and why targets are not achieved.
You are losing time, mining, and structuring your data manually.
Your reports are unreliable: underlings present only beneficial KPI for them.

Solution: not just reporting automatization

But a tool for decision-making and real-time KPI monitoring.
Integration with CRM and sales performance rating
ROMI and sales channels ROI
Budget analysis for holdings и factor analysis
Integration with MES, ERP, and monitoring of production KPI
HR-analytics, NPS and competencies evaluation
Logistics and inventory management

5 steps to the new level of reporting systems

We do not require a technical task, we develop it by ourselves — you just coordinate us. Divide a bid project into quarter releases. You will receive the first usable dashboard in one month.
Suggest several design options
We explore your business processes and your data, develop a matrix of key performance indicators, and offer several design options. You choose the visual concept of future dashboards.
Optimize data processing
We develop correct templates to input data, connect them with the analytical system and configure auto data updates. You will receive a dashboard based on your real data, updating in the real-time mode.
BI-system with data
As the software scripts are being finalized, we connect the BI system directly to the databases and integrate "from a scratch". You will see how the system works in reality and answers to business questions.
Train how to use a BI system
If you decide to manage our data analytics system by yourself, we will train your employees and give detailed instructions to work with it.
Or we will maintain it in future — you decide it.

Examples of our projects

Feedback of our clients

Order consultation to employ BI

Speak the language of business and
solve all technical issues

Underlings and contractors require detailed technical tasks, KPI, and reports templates.
Everyone is responsible for one sector, there is no idea about the final product and there is no one responsible for the entire result.
The deadlines of the BI-system deployment are shifting, you can not see the final result.
We immerse in your data, suggest KPI and design options.
We set tasks for IT specialists, we perform a turnkey project. We train your specialists or maintain the system in the future.
You are receiving a coherent set of the finished dashboards at the end of each quarter.
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