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Founder of the Institute of Business Intelligence

Alex Kolokolov
During the internship at the Institute of Business Intelligence my colleagues and I will teach everything that analysts face in the field.

These are not only technical skills, but also soft skills: teamwork, communication with customers, the ability to meet deadlines.

I take the best graduates to my team and provide vacancies from our partners.

Junior analysts
For those who want to get the skills to enter the profession and work experience in the project team
Experienced analysts
For those who work with data in their profession, but have already outgrown their current position
Who are looking for analysts working on the result.
Or they want to pump their employees.

To whom and for what the internship is useful

How is the internship going

Test task. Before admission interns are tested: it does not require knowledge of BI platforms, Excel proficiency is enough. We provide a data set and several management questions, the task of candidates is to prepare visual answers to these questions.

Weekly webinars. On Saturdays we conduct webinars for 1.5−2 hours. These are retrospectives of real projects of the Institute of Business Intelligence, at each lesson - analysis of a specific topic and development of new skills. All lessons will be available on the record.

Practical tasks. After each webinar interns receive tasks for independent work. Their implementation may be mandatory or optional. It depends on the chosen option for participation in the internship.

Term papers. At the end of each month the coursework are defended. Only after the defense of the course work, the student can go to the next stage of the program.


Часть 5
We help the best graduates find employment.

However, many after the internship get promoted without our participation.
Professional dashboards and career growth
Pilot Project Factory
We work on real projects: from setting a task to creating a report.

The final work is your own analytical project "from and to".

3 stage
The High Threat course
We learn how to work with "curved" data and visualization options in different styles.

Coursework — "Dashboard without technical task"
1 stage
Advanced analytics techniques
We study the structure of a multi-page dashboard and develop visual thinking.

Course paper —
Data Storytelling

2 stage
The result

The Internship program

I stage. The High Threat course

Session 1. Mistakes analysis
I conduct a "roast" of test works, tell about mistakes and explain how to fix them and prevent them in the future. According to the comments, interns finalize their selection papers.

Session 2. Working with "curve" data
We will make a retrospective of the projects of the Institute of Business Intelligence and show how clients actually collect their data. In a practical lesson, you will learn how to work with data in the form in which they usually enter the work of an analyst.

Session 3. Flexible Visualization
We learn to work with projects in which the customer does not have a clear technical task. He wants to have beautiful visualization, but he doesn't understand what it means. We master the methodology of developing visualization options in different styles and for different audiences.
Coursework "Dashboard without Technical Task"

A task based on a real project: you get a data set and questions that the dashboard should answer. The client does not know exactly what he wants and expects beautiful and understandable options from you in a short time.

II stage. Advanced techniques

Session 1. Multi-page dashboard
We study the variants of the structure of a multi-page interactive dashboard, identify key and secondary indicators and learn how to work with navigation.

Session 2. Visual thinking
Templates can be used for typical tasks. For complex expensive projects, you need to come up with non-standard solutions. To do this, we will develop the viewing experience, analyze the demo galleries of Tableau and other vendors, and carry out the layout.

Session 3. Data-storytelling
It is not enough to make up a dashboard and send a link. It is necessary to conduct a demonstration according to an interactive scenario and highlight insights. We are working out the AIDA and Dashboard Elevator Pitch methodology.

Coursework "Data Storytelling"

You come up with a topic of a sociological survey (social, economic, lifestyle, etc.), get a large array of responses from our subscribers, find insights and develop a dashboard with the results of the survey. You are participating in a storytelling contest with a prize fund.

III stage. Pilot Project Factory

We attach you to the real tasks of customers, form project teams. Somewhere it will be a presale, a pilot project, and somewhere the client will pay you for the work or immediately employ you.

You will go through the steps from setting the task, agreeing on the layout and data structure to developing the report. Along the way, you will solve problems with data quality, communication with the client and changing requirements.

Our team will supervise projects, insure you in difficult cases. As a result, you will work out your skills in real combat conditions.

Graduation work

At each new internship stream, we try something new:
- In one season, these were data journalism projects
- In the other - interactive annual reports
- On the third stream made dashboards for charitable foundations
- And last time we created dashboard on data set from CRM system

In 2022, you will surprise everyone with your cool graduation project!

How do we arrange employment?

For interns
At each online lesson, we will devote a little time to get acquainted with employers who are looking for analysts right now.

They will tell you about their projects and tasks, you will be able to ask them questions and understand how this project and these tasks are interesting to you.

For employers
We will tell about your vacancy to the audience aimed at changing jobs.
We will organize interns to work on your test assignment and if it necessary we will help you formulate it.
We will conduct an initial selection and bring the candidates to an interview with you.
Applications are closed

Alumni reviews

Summer Internship 2022
We are announcing the start of the internship recruitment!

After registration, you will receive an email with information about successful registration for an internship.

June 23 - the date of sending you the test task
June 25 - the first webinar of the internship

Follow our social medias and find a lot useful information for analysts
Discuss interesting topic and dashboards and give useful information
Provide Power BI and Excel lifehacks. Creat funny reals
Show student's dashboard, share memes and joke

Career development

The internship is a training on real business tasks in a live implementation team. Such an experience is incomparable with studying at any online school. Here you get not a standard set of skills, but the ability to solve problems that you will have to face in real work.

Junior will become middle. Middle will become a seigneur.
In a normal job, it takes 1-2 years to do this.
During the internship, you will receive your level up in 3 months in "combat conditions".

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