Personal counseling
to deploy BI

architecture of an analytical system
KPI for your dashboard
data-mining and complex calculations
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Personal counseling
to deploy BI

When you don't have time to study or look for a contractor

Managers and analysts who have encountered technical or methodological difficulties in their projects apply for consultations. We don't just give a piece of advice, we tackle the problem. Later you will be able to manage the result yourself.
Alex Kolokolov
CEO at the Institute of Business Intelligence
I have been deploying analytical systems and data visualization since 2009. During such consultations, I help businesses solve problems with data and metrics as well as visualize the information in the best way. Also, I explain the solution to each client in clear, straightforward language
Sometimes you can not go to a training or outsource the project. Therefore, we solve your problems with hourly consultations.
Set KPI for your dashboard
Redesign your reports and presentations
Prepare the table structure for data mining
Improve high-speed performance of the data model
Correct errors in your calculations
Select a BI platform for your tasks

How do we solve your problem?

Offer options
The first consultation is held personally by Alex Kolokolov. He immerses in your business process, shows references examples, and gives specific recommendations about architecture, visualization, and project management.
Perform calculations
If you have specific tasks for data processing, our analyst will join the first or the next consultations. He performs the necessary calculations or takes some time to solve the task and send his results.
Consult and train
When all calculations are ready, our analyst explains its details and gives instructions to you. Based on it you will be able to use our solution as a template and maintain the project in the future.

This format is a convenient way to get what you need and save your money and time. It is an hourly job, and you pay for the result.

Not just recommendations, but results

We have been working with business tasks since 2009. We have seen and solved hundreds of problems with data for companies from different sectors.
Expert experience in data analytics
Even if you are faced with such a task for the first time, you will know how to solve it. And how to maintain it in the future.
Clear comments and instructions
Even if you think there is too much work, our clients get the result in a few consultations. And often - in the first one.
Quick solution of your specific task

Cases and problems we solved

And got it for 1.5 hour
A Ministry official wanted to develop a dashboard immediately
Until encountered the unusual task and a new question. How to prepare a table with data to make filters work on the dashboard?
Summing up, we used a combined approach to solve this problem. Moreover, it was cost-effective for the client (the working hour of an analyst on outsourcing analyst is nearly three times cheaper than my consultation).

The task was solved in time and the client was satisfied.
A Ministry official contacted us. He is not an analyst, but he had already finished our course. So he understood how to develop a dashboard in Excel.
At the first meeting, I have drawn a sketch of a dashboard for him and built the correct table structure. After it, my analyst helped to transfer all data to this table.
He has not had enough time to handle it on his own. To delegate it was also impossible as he wanted to maintain the project independently in the future.
In addition, they received a training to work with data model
The coffee chain CEO applied for my consultation. They had their own in-house analyst who integrated Power BI into their IILP accounting system. The problem was the unstructured database which their analyst just had downloaded. It was unsuitable to manage business processes.
At the first meeting, I immersed myself in the database model, made up visualization, and showed how to perform а rating of coffee shops on the dashboard based on all performance criteria.
Then my specialist took the case. He helped to implement this rating and also trained the company's analyst to work with the data model to maintain it further.
As a result, the CEO did not have to immerse in the routine process and write a technical task for his analyst. I have understood his business task and presented it as a technical one for a data analyst.

Now they can really manage the network in real-time and quickly adapt to the market changes.
And was saved for one meeting
Applications for consultation are not always related to dashboards development. And our clients are not always CEOs and senior managers. In this case, I was contacted by a category manager of an FMCG company. He needed a tool to calculate sales managers' bonuses.
The procedure was long and complicated before. Excel pivot tables based on regional sales statistics and several outlets needed to be processed manually.
At one consultation, I suggested a dynamic bonus calculator development. I explained how to link data in PowerPivot, optimize pivot tables by direct links, and configure unique parameters.
As a result, my client managed to discuss different motivation schemes with sales managers for one meeting. He no longer needed to take a break for a week to refresh calculations.

Come with the task —

recieve its solution
Save your time
You will base on the experience of specialists who have been solved tasks like yours for a long time.
Learn only what you need
You will get all the necessary skills to cope with such tasks on your own in the future.
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