Institute of Business Intelligence

Achieve business goals through analytics
Автоматизируем корпоративную отчётность, разрабатываем управленческие дашборды, обучаем работе с данными.
К нам приходят и стартапы за своим первым дашбордом, и корпорации, которые тонут в KPI и других метриках.
Избавляем компании от рутины, делаем ваши результаты наглядными, помогаем бизнесам развиваться.

Our concepts

Develop dashboards through our unique methdology
We do not focus on databases architecture, not overtire by technical specifications. We perform every project based on clients' business aims.
All projects are performed only by our team
Analysts — our key advantage. We have raised employees specializing in the different economic sectors.
Good at infographic
Our Art Director is in charge of visualization in our projects.
Share our experience
Promote professional community, hold internships for free and help our graduates to find a job.


Performed first projects based on Microsoft Technology Stack with Ural Federal University team
Set up a company, developed the first research projects
Learned QlikView, IBM Cognos Analytics, Tableau
Set up Club of anonymous analysts — community for all who is working with data analytics
Performed the first international projects
Publish manual
«Dashboards for TOP-managers»

Our clients


Anna Zykina
Maria Gerasimova
Тренинги и корп. обучение
Yana Chekcheeva
Founder and CEO at Institute of BI
Alex Kolokolov
Educational license
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