How to Make Data Talk
Training in data visualization in corporate reports and presentations

You will learn how
To select visualization based on the sense of data
To use Excel life hacks to creating dashboards
To present the results of analytics convincingly
To help top managers making the right decisions

Training Program

Types of reports
Report users: analysts and a top manager. What is the difference in perception between them?
Types of reports: operational, analytical, strategic. Differences in structure, content, target audience.

Summary: before creating a report it is necessary to identify who will use it and what decisions will make.
Types of data analysis
Basic types of data analysis.
Techniques of selection charts depending on the type of analysis. Placement of visual accents.

Case "Thesis visualization". The data can be presented in different ways, it depends on what idea you want to "sell".

Summary: the data can be presented in different ways, it depends on what idea you want to "sell".
Anatomy of diagrams
Visual perception, modern trends in information design and usability. Recommended style templates.

Advanced visualization. The limits of Excel
Analysis of interactive examples received "Oscar" on infographics. Analysis of visual deceptions.

Practice: Fixing charts in PowerPoint / Excel, creating templates.

Summary: it is enough to know a few Excel life hacks to make your reports look "expensive" and professional.

Coffee Break
Dashboards creation
Rules of building dashboards. Elements that affect visual perception: grid, field of view, information density, entry point.

Case "Sales Funnel": building an interactive dashboard by Excel pivot tables.

Summary: everyone can create dashboards, you don't need a designer or a programmer to do this.
"Steroids" for Excel
"Chips" of working with the data: conditional formatting, microcharts, calculations. Power view tools, connecting maps to reports.

Case "Report to Director" in Power View
Techniques that you have worked in Excel, can be used on a corporate scale

Summary: Techniques that you have worked on Excel, can be used on a corporate scale.
Collaboration with Analytics
Overview of the best tools for data analysis and visualization. Publish reports on mobile devices, portals and websites. Example of projects.

Practice: publish a report in the MS Power BI Cloud

Students works
Students feedback
At the training I:
1) Formed a view at the data visualization process
"through the eyes of the TOP-Manager"
2) Gained skills in the building of
data visualization
3) Saw the examples of how to effectively
use visualization skills
4) Fixed the acquired skills in practice
Very cool practice! Prior to that, I used pivot tables rarely. I was afraid that the training will be difficult with this, but there were no problems. The trainer explained everything very well. I interested in the topic of dynamic dashboards and will try to begin to apply it in the work immediately.
Totally recommend the training for product analysts.
Product owner
I liked that the trainer is a "playing business analyst", he gives specific universal templates, that are in demand in modern business, regardless of the industry, not an overview of the program functions.

Head of Personnel Assessment and Development Department
The training is very useful with theoretical,
and most importantly, from a practical point of view.
There were ideas how to use these skills to work with customers and in internal business processes.
Project Manager
Companies we train
Alexey Kolokolov
I do data analysis and data visualization. I help factories, banks, trading companies to make big data understandable, from automation of data to dashboards, reports and presentations. The result-managers save time, make decisions based on data.

I am approached with the tasks of the interface of IT, business and design, cases of digitizing the client LTV or integration 5 systems and presentation it to the director in 10 minutes. I can explain to the Top Manager why the granularity of the fact table does not allow to make a "realtime" report and I suggest other working solution.

I will not make forecasting system from your 1C, but will help with the choice of BI-platform and contractor. My goal is to teach analysts to understand their customers, to be not calculators and designers, but advisors that turn data into profit.
8 hours training
Lunch and Coffee Breaks
Access to materials
Certificate of attendance
A contract with a legal entity
Individual consultations after the training
300 $
200 $
200 $
8 hours training
Access to materials
Certificate of attendance
Lunch and Coffee Breaks
Register three or more participants
from the company and get a discount
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