Sell your ideas based on analytics

Presentations which convincingly explain complex financial and technical data
Beautiful and smart business presentations based on analytical data
For whom?
For those who are preparing reports to top managers, investors or partners and enters into major transactions
To prove business plan or business strategy, report on a major project, attract investment or win a tender

Sample Presentations

Technopark Conception
Purpose: to sign a contract for a consulting project

Target Audience: Regional Ministry

Result: The project is budgeted
Investment project
Purpose: to obtain funding

Target Audience: the Commission venture capital Fund

Result: Got
20 000 000 RUB

Approach to work

1. Create scripts
We describe the tasks and the target audience, define the genre of presentation - commercial, investment, motivational. We build logic - how to bring the audience to the conclusions we need.
2. Make the numbers clear
We refine the original data, analyze and build visual visualization. We know how to show the numbers so that the listener will draw conclusions after 5 seconds of studying the slide.
3. Bring the meanings
We support strong theses by visual images and find a solution how to convey the meaning visually. We select schemes that explain the principle of action.
4. Rehearse the speech
We conduct a pre-defense of the presentation, bring the content of the slides and the speaker's speech into line, prescribe the questions that the audience can ask and prepare additional slides with answers.
Business presentation
We make a script based on your data, create design and correct texts.
from 800 USD
Packaging idea
You come with an idea. We collect the necessary data, do analytics and develop positioning.
from 1 500 USD
Complex project
In addition to the presentation, we make a video, mobile app and dashboards.
from 3 000 USD
Do you want us to conduct a free audit
your presentation?
We will discuss the problem, options of solutions, prices and terms
Consulting order
We send helpful data visualization and BI articles