Manage your business by KPI

We develop Statements of Work and
Implement analytics that works for business,
not the performers.
Statement of Work for the development of analytics system. We select indicators that give a real vision of your business, decide what data to collect and how to build it automation.
For whom:
For managers in medium and large business who plan to implement a BI system
To automate reports for helping in making management solutions and to check business system before investing in automation.
Approach to work
I'm working as a translator between business and techies. My purpose is to understand what solutions customers make, do they have data for it and how to translate their task to technical language.

I use Agile Method: instead of long discussions and projecting I make an preliminary result and show it to the customer. It helps to understand how dashboard works, what information it shows and what else we should take into account.
Step 1: Gain insight of the problem
We define business objectives, understand where the bottleneck is - in technology, management or in the mind of the owners and choose the means to solve.
Step 2: Involve experts
We working with a lot of experts in our narrow field. Team for each project forming from the requirement and includes methodologists and technologists. In the working process, we hold joint meetings to avoid deaf phones.
Step 3. Visualize business process
We draw a schema to understand the real picture of business,identify narrow places, key indicators and their role in the process.
Step 4. Describe KPIs and reports
We identify what indicators we need to add to see the full picture of business, prepare tables for future data, set up formulas and filters.
Step 5. Make SoW, test a prototype
We write what data use, where put it and how to compline it in the report. After it we make preliminary version to let you test it and see what we need to adjust and what data to add.
We develop a pilot project or a working prototype to understand how it works in reality, modify the parameters before starting the operation of complex systems analysis.
Review of the project
I had a task to make dashboards for the director and owners of the company, to make them see the "health" of the business in dynamics and deviations. We have a lot of KPIs in projects and finances, complex calculation formulas, but primary data collected in 4 different systems. It was hard for me to put together methodics and techniques into one whole picture, I am not a financier or a programmer.

Alex communicated with my colleagues from IT and Finance departments, translated their arguments into clear language of terms, risks and labor costs. He helped to look at the information look through the eyes of the customer and offered different options, from which we understood how the whole system would work.

As a result, we have understood how to convert our accounting policy to one format for comparison different branches of business on dashboards. Even the pilot dashboard in Excel became a working tool. We started to manually clear the data and accumulate statistics to ensure against many risks in a large project of automation of reporting. We plan to start the project soon and continue our work with Alex and his team.
Sergey Pestov
Head of business development Department,
First consultation
I will identify the problems of your business and offer a solutions. After consultation, it often turns out that you need others specialists to solve your problems.
I supervise the project for the automation of analytics, translate the business language to technical and conversely. I help to control analytics to work for business purposes, not for performers.
100 $ per hour
Develop the Statement of Work
Me and my team prepare the SoW for programmers to make the finished product and testing the idea with minimal investment of funds and time.
from 1 500 $
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