Transform your data in a handy tool for decision making

We make dashboards where data is presented in a visual understandable form
Managers dashboard. Сlearly shows the key indicators, dynamics and interrelations. Update automatically.
For whom:
Senior and Top Managers, CEO.
Receive prompt and reliable information. See non-obvious relationships. Control processes and make timely decisions.
Personnel often do these reports
"Everything is clear!"
Open the list with "ST plan by UR", there in the AF column actual cost is highlighted in yellow and the cell notes contain the reasons for the deviations.

How the data looks on the dashboard

Dashboard for HR-director with the key HR indicators.
Click on the chart to see data for different departments.

5 steps from data to dashboard

I'm working as a translator between business and techies. My purpose is to understand what solutions customers make, do they have data for it and how to translate their task to technical language.

I use Agile Method: instead of long discussions and projecting I make an preliminary result and show it to the customer. It helps to understand how dashboard works, what information it shows and what else we should take into account.
Step 1. Get input data.
To get started just send us your data
Step 2. Analyse tables and draw sketches
We look on your data, offer solutions and make sketches. The technical task will be made after we agree with you on the General view of the dashboard.

Term: 1 day
Step 3. Do the layout and offer KPI options
Our designer makes the first version of the dashboard, coordinate with you, add details.

Term: 3 days
Step 4. Make a working prototype
Programmer create a working model of your data, convert it into a dashboard, automatize the data collection and update, customizable buttons and add details from you requesting

Term: 5 days
Step 5. Make a final dashboard
We finalize the design and functionality of the dashboard, agree with you the final version.

Term: 2 days
Excel dashboard
We will collect from thousands of rows one clear screen, set up a beautiful template in which you will add new data
from 800 $
BI Dashboard
We will connect the dashboards to the database, set up integration with the mobile application and choose the best option from PowerBI, QlikView or Tableau
from 2 500 $
Complex Project
We will collect data from different sources in one place and build a KPI. Dashboards will show the whole picture of your business.
from 7 500 $
Order an expert consultation
We will discuss the problem, options of solutions, prices and terms
Samples of the Dashboards
Consulting order
We send helpful data visualization and BI articles