We automation corporate reports
We select and implement the Business intelligence system to make you keep your business under control
Program for collection data from different bases to one report
For whom:
Senior and Top Managers, CEO.
To eliminate errors and human factor and save time in the preparation of management reports
We look to IT projects with business vision
BI consist of separate blokes: ERP, data warehouse, OLAP, dashboards.
But usually business doesn't need whole this set.

It makes no sense to buy a jeep if you drive just 3 kilometers from home to the office.
Similarly, you don't need industrial analytic system
if you are a big corporation.
We will select a platform
For last 8 years we made projects on all leading platforms.
We know positive and negative sides of each of them,
which sellers usually don't tell.
We realized 30 big projects for 8 years
You can see the examples of our projects in different sectors of business
BI system for metallurgical holding
40 reports from 4 databases. Managers see reasons for unfinished producing and oversupply of stocks in divisions, understand how to decrease it and reduce a cost price
IBM Cognos for bank system
Single data repository from two ABS of individuals and legal entities. Integrated with the Internet Bank, that allowed to make cross-sales, increase profitability and customer loyalty.
BI system for retail
Unified system of goods accounting and warehouse logistics. Category managers and analysts received operational reports on the effectiveness of shares, cross-sales and turnover. They keep under control the Out of Stock indicators and increase profits.
MS Power BI for logistics
United chain information on the status of the customer's order. The logistics company became able to redistribute goods between warehouses, reduce losses, improve quality and efficiency.
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